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Fundraising Events

Are you looking for a simple way to raise money for your school or organization? Request to host a Fundraiser Event at your local bakery-café. Fundraisers at Panera are a great way to combine great food, fun, and a good cause! Forget door-to-door sales or scrubbing bumpers. All you have to do is eat dinner and a portion of the sale will be donated to your school or organization.


We do all the hard work, you bring the people. This is a great way for clubs and sports teams raise money without doing door to door sales. It is also great for smaller organizations that want to fundraise but do not want to organize an independent event. There are four easy steps to hosting a Fundraiser Event at your local bakery-café:

  1. Pick a date for your Fundraiser and fill out the form at Please note we do not accept fundraisers Friday-Sunday.​​​

  2. Distribute the flyer that we send you to friends and family. You can hand out hard copies, send it in emails, share it on your Facebook page, and any other method you can think of. This needs to be done before the event since you are not allowed to hand out flyers at the cafe or in the parking lot during your fundraiser.

  3. Spend at least $100 total between all your guests at your local bakery-café between 4pm and 8pm or all day online.

  4. Get a check for 20% of the sales to your guests.

For complete program details and to request a Fundraising Event at the bakery-cafe click here:


Gift Card sales do not count towards your fundraiser total. 

All event marketing must be done prior to the fundraiser. Groups may not solicit other customers during their fundraiser.

Scrip Fundraising Program

If you have a non-education related organization, or there is not a bakery-cafe nearby participating in fundraising nights, there are additional opportunities for Panera to support your organization. Panera is proud to participate in the Scrip fundraising program, helping non-profit organizations raise money. This popular fundraising program invites non-profit organizations to pre-purchase $10 Panera Cards at a 9% discounted rate, and then re-sell the Panera Cards at full price.


To enroll in the Scrip program or to learn more information, you can contact:


Great Lakes Scrip Center: 

1-800-727-4715 or,


Scrip Cents: 

269-372-5710 or,


UnitedScrip, Inc.:

866-611-9701 or

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