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Donation Requests

Panera Bread® is dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. We welcome the opportunity to support community events, fundraisers and other charitable efforts by providing gift certificates when we are able. If you are interested in submitting a donation proposal, please see the information below.


Donation Proposal Requirements
Due to the volume of requests we receive, the following requirements must be met when submitting a donation proposal:

  • All requests must be submitted online through our donation request system.

  • Requests must be made a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to the event.

  • The requested items must be used to benefit a non-profit organization, cause, or charity.

  • The organization must be located within the vicinity of a bakery-cafe or benefit the general market area (Central and Eastern Iowa).


What We Are Able To Donate 
So we can help as many organizations as possible, we limit our donations to:​

  • Bread for a Year Certificates - A complimentary loaf of bread once a month for a year - great for silent auctions.

  • Salad for a Year Certificates - A complimentary Panera salad once a month for a year - great for silent auctions.

  • Product Purchasing Certificates - Gift certificates - great for raffles or door prizes.


What We Do Not Donate
Unfortunately, we are not able to donate in the following situations:

  • Requests for cash donations or sponsorships.

  • Requests for catering or beverages.

  • Requests for day-end product for uses other than hunger-relief. All of our day-end products are donated to local hunger relief agencies. 

  • Where product will be resold

  • Individual or team efforts to raise funds by participating in a non-profit event (run/walk, bike race, triathlon, etc.) 

  • Ongoing or recurring meetings

  • Events sponsored by a competitor

How to Apply
Create an account and submit your donation proposal online through our Online Donation Request System.

To Whom We Donate
While we applaud all efforts to better our community and welcome all submissions, Panera Bread of Iowa focuses its community donation contribution in the following areas:

  1. Local schools and educational institutions

  2. Health cause organizations (cancer, heart, mental health, diabetes, etc.)

  3. Non-profit causes focused on children and youth development


We also partner with local community partners to fight hunger and food insecurity through our Community Bread Box and Day-End Donation Programs.


Tips for Submitting Your Proposal

  • Plan - Ensure your request is submitted more than six (6) weeks in advance and understand that we may not be able to assist with your event.

  • Be Specific – Specify the exact number of items you are requesting and how each item will be used. For example, two $10 gift cards to be used as raffle prizes. Please also be specific about how your event will benefit your community.

  • If we cannot donate to your specific event, we would still be happy to try and accommodate you with a Fundraising Event at one of our cafés.


Terms and Conditions

Proposal submission does not guarantee acceptance. Prior application and/or approval does not guarantee repeat or future acceptance.

All decisions regarding donation requests in Central Iowa, Eastern Iowa and Moline, IL are at the sole discretion of Panera Bread of Iowa / SLB of Iowa, LLC and all decisions are final. It is Panera Bread of Iowa's policy to reply to all donation proposals in writing.


While every effort will be made to fully process your request within 2-3 weeks of submission, notice of approval or decline may not arrive until six (6) weeks prior to the event due to resource scheduling concerns.

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